BOWEN International was established in 2009. For over a decade, we have developed a technical team utilizing the latest technology and providing a high level of customer service.

We committed to reducing the risk of customer investment and creating the maximum value of real estate investment. We provide customers with comprehensive solutions for their investments in Australia and be a trusted professional real estate developer.

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Marsfield Project
Padstow Project
Mulgrave Industrial Development

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Business Scope
Professional development team
The project, Residential and Industrial management and development, everything is in control
Experienced professional team
Tailor-made solutions for you
We have a wealth of development experience and market experience to tailor the development plan for yourself.
Avant-garde design concepts and solutions
Perfectly control every style
Bowen International strives to create a dream home for you.
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Experienced and highly professional team
Offer you professional advice and provide latest market information.
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Open for new ideas and outstanding contacts
Qualitative market research supporting various stylish design for houses and duplex
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Free thinking and enthusiastic cooperation
Enthusiastic employees in a consultation will provide customized advise for you.
Various stylish houses and duplex
Create the maximum value for you real estate investment.
Bowen International provide customers with comprehensive solutions for their investments in Australia and be a trusted as a professional real estate developer.
Best options for project management
Comprehensive and professional costing and benefit estimates.
Bowen International aim for providing services that satisfied every client’s property requirements, we are fully committed in helping them achieve their goals.
Professional industrial development team
Utilizing latest technology and providing high level of customer service.
Bowen International can provide you with professional advice, offer accurate price reference, and help you check every detail.

Advantages of BOWEN INTERNATIONAL Projects

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