Our Goal

Bowen International is committed to reducing the risk of customer investment and creating the maximum value of real estate investment. We provide customers with comprehensive solutions for their investments in Australia and be a trusted professional real estate developer.

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Business Scope

In the field of development, we offer a variety of market research assistance, comprehensive and professional cost and benefit estimates.

For every client’s property requirements, we are fully committed in helping them achieve their goals.

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Professional team

Bowen International was established in 2009. For over a decade, we have developed a technical team utilizing latest technology and providing high level of customer service.

If you are a Developer, we can provide you with professional advice, offer accurate price reference, and help you check every detail, from site selection to material selection, from construction to project delivery.

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Sydney’s great development prospects

According to the (Sydney Regional New Plan), it will reshape Greater Sydney and divide one into three, namely the east, the middle and the west. Achieving balanced development will help promote growth, improving housing affordability, easing traffic congestion, and improving the natural environment of Sydney, making Greater Sydney the top 10 gateway city in the world.

For forty years, Greater Sydney will be developed and will be connected by a new transportation system.  A core city community of three cities: the eastern traditional port area with the CBD, the central riverside city with Parramatta, and the surrounding Sydney-based Badgerys Creek.

The development of Sydney is a new pattern of long-term development of urban economy and geospatial space consisting of an international metropolis and three major employment regional central cities. With the construction of the West Coast Southwest Railway, the West Sydney Second Airport, and the new industrial park, the West Sydney city area will be more accessible, convenient and prosperous.

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