Bowen International offering the best options to you.

In the field of development, we offer a variety of market research assistants, comprehensive and professional costing and benefit estimates.

If you have a self-satisfied appeal, we are fully committed to helping you build a warm and comfortable home.

Since 2009, Bowen International has been established for 10 years to create a technical team with a high professional level with technology and perfect service.

If you are a Builder, we can provide you with professional advice, and professional price reference, help you double-check every detail, from site selection to material selection, from construction to delivery.

Step 1: Personalized customization

-We will personalize the regional selection according to the different needs of each customer.

-Close to the school, convenient transportation, moderate from the city centre, or needs close to the water. Any request can find a solution that suits you.

Step 2: Documentation Approval Stage

-Development Approval or CDC

-Construction Certificate

-Requesting Fee Proposals from Consultants, assist in engaging and coordinating with a consultant, collecting required documentation, lodging of DA or CDC and CC Application.

-Assistant and Review of Building Contract.

Step 3:Construction Stage

-Coordinating with Builder

-Regular Site Inspections

-Attendance on Critical Stage Inspection

-Cost/Budget Review: Checking invoices, review of accepted quotations

-Provide regular update about the project

-Services application and setting up accounts( water, temporary and permanent power and gas)

-Section 73 application and compliance certificate

-Work permit Application (Council)

-Handover and Final inspection

Step 4:Final occupation certificate

-Coordinating with builder and collecting required documentation

-Application and obtaining a final occupation certificate

Step 5:Defects liability period ( builder)

-Final inspection before the end of defects liability period

-Provide Notice and Follow up with builder if necessary.

The project being managed :Killara