BOWEN International project implies several concepts in our design, to ensure our design is suitable for market demand and customers’ taste.


Our design will base on customer’s needs and requirement, we will try our best to satisfy customer’s specific needs or demand.

Flexibility and Variability:

The design of our property structures is with an understanding of the prospective development of the site as well as life and social scenarios, and with the possibility of making appropriate changes in the living environment.

Flexibility and variability enable our customers to change their living environment according to the new requirements in the course of their existence. It can be applied to urban and architectural design related to the actual and future needs of the people living there. In the urban context, it applies mainly to the structure of amenities of a city and community in order to design specific areas for shops, services, offices, leisure and culture.

Housing Amenities and Utilities:

The level of the housing quality stems from the fulfilment of the basic and superior living standards for our customer, housing utilities and amenities, including health, education, shopping, working, recreation, etc. The satisfaction of customers’ needs and desires represents a very wide range of factors, which must be taken into account and consequently incorporated in our design of the living environment. The creation of mixed areas with the optimal proportion of residential units, amenities, working and public spaces facilitate the design of convenient, pleasant spaces for the largest possible spectrum of users and dwellers. Design of the residential areas must be considered as a multi-functional unit consisting of mutually interconnected architectural elements that constitute the cultural and social milieu. They must cover all standard needs of the individual and community expressive of its way of life.